by Brittani Nickens-Johnson, D.V.M . We have been committed to training preventive care.

by Brittani Nickens-Johnson, D.V.M . We have been committed to training preventive care.

Though your furry friend sounds healthier, annual health examinations are very important for catching any irregularities early, in order to stay on very top of dental/oral health, and health and weight managment.

Most dogs and cats will cover their particular problems when they’re perhaps not sense better. With a pet health test, we assess oral health, pay attention to the center and lungs, and palpate all over the body to make sure every thing feels regular.

When abnormalities and disease include identified very early, we can occasionally handle and address ailments in try to abstain from considerable and lasting expenses.

Key vaccinations for puppies (Rabies, Distemper/Parvo, and Bordetella) and kittens (Rabies, Distemper) were recommended yearly to stop the development of common diseases.

Strategies for lifestyle/non-core vaccination standards for animals (dog Influenza/Flu, Leptospirosis, Lyme, Feline Leukemia) can be determined in line with the years, activity/exposure and risk of each animal.

We advice yearly parasite and health screenings instance fecal, heartworm/tick and FeLV/FIV screening.

We also suggest yearly blood and/or urine examination (according to ages of your pet) to further gauge the the liver, kidneys, white blood tissues, red-colored bloodstream tissues, electrolytes, thyroid and sugar levels, and whether there clearly was any focus for underlying heart problems.

This involves quick implantation of an ISO microchip (additionally accepted for Global trips) using your pet's body.

The microchip can last a very long time, and provides your pet with long lasting identification which can be scanned by more rescues, shelters and pet hospitals in the event that your furry friend is actually ever missing. With your own personal contact details attached to the microchip, our very own purpose is to advice about the safe return of your own pet should they actually wander off.

Prescription and Food

We could only honor medication refills after an actual physical examination has become sang on your own dog.

If you have data from another vet revealing proof past medications, we are going to happily respect your consult.

Usage hospital ID: R8SAJ to generate a free account

You can expect deworming drugs when it comes down to reduction and treatments for intestinal parasitic organisms. We supply monthly heartworm and flea/tick preventatives. Kindly consider puppies need a bad heartworm test from year to year for continued dispensing of a heartworm preventative.


Laboratory Assessment, Healthcare and Health Care

We can furthermore consider (with blood and urine assessment), medically manage and supply health tips for hidden systemic diseases such as diabetic issues, kidney disorder, liver disease, thyroid gland disease, hormonal and immune-mediated circumstances.

We are able to provide referral strategies for additional assessment, diagnostics and practices by a veterinary specialist.

Euthanasia and Cremation

It's never a straightforward process to choose when, or if perhaps, this is the correct time. If you should be not sure of one’s pet's actual fitness updates and total well being, we are able to assess your dog and supply direction and tips. In the event that you elect humane euthanasia of one’s animal, this particular service her comment is here may be offered conveniently in the comfort and comfortable surroundings of your own home, in order to avoid any more stress and anxiety. Afterwards, we also have transport of your own animal to a local crematorium for individual or class cremation solutions.

Management and medication

We are able to detect and treat minor/non-surgical vision, surface and ear conditions/infections. We could in addition handle and supply recommendations for prospective main ecosystem and food-related allergies which may be creating recurrent difficulties with your pet's ears, skin and sight.


We are able to examine your animal and accept home-based and/or international trips. These visits have to be planned much in advance to be certain all state/country and airline trips requirement become came across.

Just before arranging a fitness certificate, please visit these web site for particular vacation suggestions:


Doorstep veterinarian worry are owned and operated by Dr. Brittani Nickens-Johnson, who passes "Dr. Nickens" expertly. As a vet, Dr. Nickens strives in order to the very best quality of care to her patients, while nevertheless upholding the moral and ethical methods of veterinarian medicine.

Additionally, as a mobile/housecall vet, it is essential to Dr. Nickens that the woman is able to interact with and take care of her people in common configurations, that will help to help relieve the stress, anxiety, and anxieties associated with standard veterinarian clinic visits. By doing this, this lady goals is determine an open and honest relationship along with her clients and their pets, while promoting health and non-emergency practices.

As part of our treatments, Dr. Nickens produces preventative worry and customer training, to try to render the woman clients the knowledge they need to hold their unique dogs delighted and healthier. Dr. Nickens comes with knowledge about managing chronic and terminal illnesses, and our solution helps render caring long-lasting administration and care. To this conclusion, Dr. Nickens will guarantee that your particular pet does not withstand lasting problems and distress, and per the demand, she offers quality-of-life consultations and end-of-life options.

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