ANNOYED MERELY SELDOM CHOOSE Intercourse? Females with HSDD have got reduced virility that will be worrying with them

ANNOYED MERELY SELDOM CHOOSE Intercourse? Females with HSDD have got reduced virility that will be worrying with them

Maybe it’s Hypoactive (reasonable) sexual interest problems (HSDD). The good news is, there’s a once-daily therapy usually Addyi, the FDA-Approved “LITTLE PINK PILL.” Find out more.

Addyi may number 1 prescribed treatment for HSDD 1

Women with HSDD need lowest sexual interest that is worrying for them. Their unique low sexual interest is certainly not from: a surgical or mental health condition, troubles from inside the partnership or treatments or other substance use.

ADDYI is not for incorporate for the treatment of HSDD in females could applied menopause or even in males or little ones. ADDYI is not suitable use to promote heightened sexual performance.

1. IQVIA regular utter Prescriptions Volume reports Comparing Addyi vs Vyleesi in the US. Dec 2020.

Addyi might be #1 used treatment for HSDD 1

Ladies with HSDD posses minimal male libido that is worrying in their eyes. Their particular reduced virility seriously is not because: a health or psychological state problem, trouble through the relationship or treatments or additional treatment utilize.

ADDYI is not for use to treat HSDD in females which have applied menopausal or in people or offspring. ADDYI is not for used to elevate heightened sexual performance.

1. IQVIA regular full-blown Prescriptions Volume information checking Addyi vs Vyleesi in the US. Dec 2020.

ished in three 24-week studies in over 2,000 premenopausal girls with bought, general HSDD. Patients were treated with Addyi (n=1187) or placebo (n=1188). Not absolutely all female will discover equivalent enhancement inside their HSDD. Ask your doctor what to expect. Some female may see results in around a month. Addyi is terminated if there’s no advancement after 8 weeks. † greater quantity of circumstances within a month

Efficacy of Addyi am established in three 24-week tests in over 2,000 premenopausal women with gotten, general HSDD. Individuals happened to be treated with Addyi (n=1187) or placebo (n=1188). Only some people will experiences the same improvement within their HSDD. Ask your healthcare provider what you should expect. Some female often see causes since 4 weeks. Addyi ought to be ended if you have no improvement after 8 weeks. † improved amount of occasions within a month

“AFTER 2-3 WEEKS ON ADDYI… I how to get a sugar daddy DESIRED TO OWN gender!”*

*Results can be sensed within 30 days. Addyi should really be terminated if there’s no enhancement after 8 weeks.


*Results might believed within 4 weeks. Addyi should be concluded if there’s no advancement after 2 months.




**For a limited hours, eligible clients simply. Limits apply. Just view conditions and terms at

Signal and essential well-being Ideas including Boxed Warning for serious minimal hypertension levels and fainting in many setup.

Indication and Important well-being records like Boxed Warning for severe lower hypertension levels and fainting using options.

What’s the most significant information i ought to be informed about ADDYI? Your own threat of severe minimal hypertension levels and fainting (loss in consciousness) are greater by taking ADDYI and:

  • are drinking alcoholic beverages close-in time to at the time you bring your ADDYI measure.
    • Waiting about 120 minutes after consuming a few common alcoholic products prior to taking ADDYI at bedtime.

Samples of 1 regular alcohol enjoy feature:

        • one 12-ounce standard beer
        • 5 oz of wines
        • 1.5 oz of distilled mood or go
    • Should you decide drink in 3 or longer typical alcohol drinks in the evening, skip the ADDYI amount at bedtime.
    • When you have taken their ADDYI at night, you should never are drinking alcoholic beverages till the following day.
  • bring some doctor prescribed medicine, non-prescription remedies, or herbal supplements.Do not grab or start taking any medication treatments, non-prescription treatments, or herbs while having ADDYI until you have discussed together with your medical doctor. A family doctor will explain to you whether its protected taking various other medicine or herbal medicines if you are getting ADDYI.
  • have the liver difficulties. Refuse to simply take ADDYI when you have the liver damage.

If you take ADDYI so you think lightheaded or light headed, lie-down without delay. Put disaster healthcare facilitate or consult you to definitely receive crisis healthcare allow for yourself when warning signs do not go away or you think might faint (miss awareness). Any time you faint (lose mind), inform your medical doctor as early as you can.

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